"Marketing is finding, growing and celebrating your connection to the real people who are your customers."

Website Management

Is your website working for you? Are you keeping it current?

An attractive and functional website is the heart of your online presence. Unfortunately, many people find they don’t have the time to keep their site up-to-date with current information and features.

Even more people built a great website several years ago, but now find that their business has grown or changed and their website no longer represents all they have to offer or where they are going.

There are so many options now for having a functional, interactive, and responsive website that you can update yourself through WordPress, Joomla, or other content management systems.

If you are ready for website, are considering a redesign, or just need some help get in touch and we can talk over the best options for your business. Your initial one-hour consultation is free.

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Internet Marketing

Creating a great website is the first step. Now let’s attract the visitors that will help your website — and your business — thrive!

Drive traffic through link building, effective SEO (search engine optimization) and targeted campaigns. Advertise and drive traffic through advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media or through search campaigns with Google Adwords and Bing. Connect with your customers using social media and email marketing.

Let’s explore ways you can take your online marketing to the next level of success! Get in touch to talk about your ideas and your goals.

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Assessment and Strategy

Not everyone has a marketing department but everyone deserves a good plan based on valid information.  I can help you assess what’s working — and what’s not — through analytics, customer surveys, user testing and more.

A marketing plan or social media strategy can get you on the right track. They are like a good GPS system, letting you know where you are and what to do next.

Whether you need a detailed marketing analysis or just want to plan a single campaign I can help. Get in touch. Your first one-hour consultation is free.

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