Don’t settle for cookie-cutter marketing. One size does not fit all. You deserve a marketing plan that fits with your goals, your audience and your budget.

There are so many things you can do to market your business. Websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, advertising, email marketing, campaigns, newsletters, blogs, and on and on.

Don’t be overwhelmed!

Personalized marketing is about finding the best practices for YOUR business and for YOUR audience. Start by looking at your business goals. Then define how your Web marketing can help support those goals. Then before going any further, dive deep into understanding who your audience is – your ideal customer.

Do a little research into your existing customers, if you have them to better understand where they are coming from. What was the problem they were having and how were you able to help them. Try to understand the journey your customer took that led them from awareness that they needed something, through considering your business to deciding to choose you.

This “buyer’s journey” may have happened over several weeks or all in a few minutes. Regardless, really understanding where your customer is coming from will help you create a marketing plan that can A) find your ideal customer and B) connect with them.

I enjoy getting to know my clients and learning what makes their business special so I can focus on their needs. Learn more about what I can do for you by exploring this site.

Contact me if you want to talk over your ideas. Together we can develop the best mix of marketing options that fit your goals and your schedule.