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An author website audit looks for design, formatting, or technical issues that can be hurting your website’s performance. It also evaluates your website to see if you are applying best practices specifically for author websites.

What will you get?

You will get a report that is customized to your website plus a 30-minute consultation where you can ask any questions about the audit. The report will include…

Normally $350, Writescast listeners save 50%!

Author Website Audit – Save 50%

Your author website is the heart of your writer’s platform. Is yours helping you connect with readers? 

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Everybody is good at something! I’ll definitely be sure to give you props for things you are doing right on your author website.


Nobody’s perfect. And that’s why you are here. I’ll detail where your author website has room for improvement and why it matters.

Actionable advice

I’m not going to leave you hanging. I’ll tell you exactly what you can do to fix your top issues.

Ready for your custom author website audit?

Normally $350, Writescast listeners save 50%! Use the coupon code Writescast at checkout.

I highly recommend Celeste and Dandelion Marketing. Celeste is extremely talented as a designer, researcher, and marketing consultant. Let her do her magic for your website. You won’t be disappointed.

Laurie Scheer

Instructor, Author, media goddess

Offer valid through August 1, 2020.